Wish List

Auction Items

We are always looking for items we can auction at our CDV and third party events. Auctions provide much needed funds for us throughout the year!

  1. Gift certificates (massage, hair salon, spa, stores or others)
  2. Dinner Certificates
  3. Vacations (cruises, travel packages, resorts and hotels stays)
  4. Electronics (new and unused)
  5. Designer apparel and accessories
  6. Jewelry
  7. Sports equipment
  8. Sports tickets
  9. Sports memorabilia

Trip Supplies

On the third Saturday of every month, a group of CDV volunteers travels south to visit various orphanages to spend the day with the kids, do arts and crafts projects, games and lunch. We are always looking for items we can bring with us to the orphanages.

Arts & Crafts Supplies

  1. Face paint and brushes
  2. Glue sticks, large craft sticks
  3. Model Magic
  4. Paint -water based tempera (all colors)
  5. Paint brushes (all types)
  6. Puffy paint multi colors
  7. Stickers and temporary tatoos (various fun & colorful)
  8. Colored pencils and Crayons
  9. Coloring books
  10. Construction paper – multi color
  11. Drawing pads , white copy paper
  12. UNO cards
  13. Table games
  14. Story books (all levels) in Spanish
  15. Sidewalk chalk
  16. Balls, soccer balls, bubbles, hula-hoops, other recreational toys & equipment

Food Supplies

  1. Drinking water (individual bottles)
  2. Juice (Capri Sun or similar)
  3. Cookies
  4. Fresh fruits, fruit salads, carrot sticks, homemade salads, sting cheese, etc. (these are needed the Friday before a trip)

Other Supplies

  1. Plastic Bowls
  2. Large Garbage Bags
  3. Plastic forks
  4. Heavy-duty brooms
  5. Dustpans
  6. Napkins
  7. Paper towels
  8. Hand wipes
  9. Hand sanitizer

Homes (Orphanage) Needs

Below is a list of the most common needs at the orphanages. If you are joining us on a trip, please feel free to bring any of the items listed below so you can deliver them yourself, or if you wish for us to deliver them, just bring them to our office.

  1. Infant and Children's liquid fever reducer, cough medicine and liquid vitamins
  2. Band-aids and bandages
  3. Powdered Formula
  4. Baby Wipes
  5. Disposable Diapers
  6. Linen: Single sheets and light blankets, pillows, pillow cases and/or towels Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant, gel, and/or hairspray, menstrual pads. Cleaning products: Laundry and dishes detergent, tiled floor cleaner, chlorine, brooms, mops and/or toilet brushes.

Appliances and electronics

Please contact us if you are able to donate any of the items listed below.

  1. New washers, dryers and commercial stoves
  2. Computers (Pentium 3 or higher) and Printers

Education Needs

  1. School Uniforms
  2. White socks
  3. Shoes
  4. Backpacks with school supplies
  5. Hair clips, hair bands and/or hairpins
  6. Story books (all levels) in Spanish