Corazon de Vida Homes

Pequeños Hermanos

35 children

Pequnos Hermanos

This home is south of Ensenada and does not have many US visitors. They recently lost support from a large donor. They have no running water so water needs to be brought in by pipe truck 3 times a week. Since there are no funds for water, they currently ration shower water by providing one bucket for each kid to bathe with. They are now schooling on-site to avoid transportation charges and have been turning to local churches and groups for day-today food needs. This home is in extreme need!

La Hacienda De La Inmaculada

62 children - 8 mothers

La Hacienda

La Hacienda De La Inmaculada is a home in the Matamoras region in Tijuana. Run by Madre Virginia, a former hermit in the Catholic faith, the home was in serious need of funds for food, but with Corazon de Vida support now has plentiful food. The physical plant is in great shape, it is just in a very remote, and very poor area of Tijuana. They are in need of funds for school supplies, medicines, and many physical plant needs. Mothers who had no place to go — no home, and no resources, staff the home. These women brought their children to Hacienda to find shelter and care for all of the children in exchange for room and board. All the children and adults sleep in one large dorm room.
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Los Angelitos

48 children

Los Angelitos Corazon de Vida volunteer Ed Perry founded this home in Fall, 2003 in South Tijuana. The property is a beautiful former private home and is operating at full capacity. Current funding for food is adequate, but there is a dire need for funds for staffing. Over half of the children are under 3 years old and go through 60 - 80 diapers per day! They have a computer lab and the kids are getting efficient, but they need additional education to take them to the next level. Only three staff support 48 children!

Hogar San Jose

9 children

Hogar San Jose Serves 15 children in central Tijuana who all battle severe illness or disabilities. The home also supports 40 families with chronically ill children in Tijuana. The home needs about $42,000 a year to support the children and staff. A single nun with one support staff manage the home. This home can only be visited by groups of five or less. Children are admitted by referral from DIF, the Mexico social service agency, and the local hospitals where they are often abandoned. Their major source of support currently comes from Capstone Missions in Idaho.

El Faro

65 children - 6 mothers

El faro The home was founded in 1996 with 25 children in a particularly tough area of Tijuana. Today it serves 65 children, most of whom are dropped off by their families, although a few are referred by DIF. CDV is the homes primary support at the moment. This home is in tremendous need of great resources for utilities and housing. While the basics food costs are covered, there are no funds for electricity, water, septic pumping etc.

Hogar Esperanza

50 Children

Hogar EsperanzaThe Esperanza orphanage has been in the southwest part of Tijuana for over 20 years and sits on an unusually large piece of land for being in such an urban area. The home has about 55 children ranging in age from newborn to 15 years old. They have a need of updating their dormitories and are still struggling in have sufficient funds to pay their basic everyday needs like utilities and school costs. The orphanage directors instill proper ethics and the children are very enthusiastic about their education.