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Stated simply, one of the biggest problems Mexico faces is a lack of social programs. Mexico does not have social programs that we have in the U.S., no foster care programs, no welfare system, so the only way to care and support children in need is through a network of private orphanages, funded entirely through individual and corporate donations.

We carry the solution– the ability to help fund these orphanages. Through the simple act of funding orphanages, we will be able to care for orphaned and abandoned children for years to come.

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Every day is a threat when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Our supported orphanages give abandoned children what they would otherwise never have access to: security, nutrition, and shelter. During their stay, children grow in a positive atmosphere designed for playing, learning, and loving.


Once the survival needs of the children are taken care of, we can move on to Improving their quality of life by funding special project in facilities upkeep, construction, expansion, medical and dental and psychological services, orphanage director and staff training to ensure that the children are not just surviving, but thriving in their new environment.


Children just south of our borders daydream of doing something great one day. However, poverty makes dreams like theirs seem unrealistic. Your support can change the odds.  Every child deserves an education and an opportunity to have a career or learn a trade that will lead to a life of purpose and contribution.



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success stories

At the end of the day, the amount of money we raise, orphanages we support, and children we sponsor are not the only way we measure our success– we ultimately measure our success through lives changed.


Maribel is a beautiful, vivacious young lady who came to a Corazon de Vida-supported orphanage with her siblings when she was 5 years old. Maribel is in the Marketing program at UABC, Baja’s public university. She aims to be an example to her siblings and for other kids in the orphanage system, and most of all, she wants to leave her mark in this world. Maribel is a ‘merchant’ at heart as she currently sells chocolate bars to her fellow students to earn funds to pay for rent and living expenses.


Isaac is a handsome, kind-mannered young man who came to a Corazon de Vida supported orphanage with his 3 siblings when he was 9 years old. Isaac is in the accounting and finance program at the UABC, Baja’s public university. He chose accounting/finance because of the good job prospects after he graduates and because it will allow him to help his family and to help others and to make a difference in his community. Isaac works as a barber on the weekends to help earn funds for his expenses.